Chairman of the board's note:

Feili Technology Co., Ltd. has gathered a group of talents who have a common objective, the same aspiration for success and the willingness to make effort. Since the founding of the company, we have developed steadily and established ourselves in the market and in the industry, for which I feel deeply grateful. In response to a fierce market competition, we will continue to make full use of our advantages in talents, technology, and funding. Upholding the customer value, the unification of economic and social benefits and advocating the corporate spirit that puts people in the first place, values integrity, seeks a harmonious enterprise developmentand strives to serve the society. we will seize every opportunity to speed up the development of our company with innovations. In the future, we will continue to seek cooperation and development with our sincerity and reputation. We will enhance the scale and the strength of our company by following the principles of making "scientific decisions, professional investment, and modernized management". Feili has been and will continue to stride forward in the hope of joining hands with you on the way of mutual development.